Execalm Cream 60g

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- Eczema
- Psoriasis
- Hives
- Itching
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Ingredients: Apis Mellifica 30x, Arsenicum Album 30x, Graphites 18x, Oleum Petro 14x,
Psorinum 30x, Sulfur 30x, Urtica Urens 30x, Shea butter, Dead Sea salts.

Dosage: Apply twice a day.

Presentation: 60 g. Hydrating Cream

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21 May 2019
I have allergies to cow products, so I cannot use anything containing gelatin or milk/cream/yogurt etc. Execalm treats my skin issues of dryness, flaking and red patches of excema. I have used it since the 1990's when there was yellow and blue packaging. Continued with the red label and now will purchase the blue as long as the contents do not change. Thank you for this helpful product.